Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. now provides CPA and Financial Forensic Services in Oregon

Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. is an Oregon registered CPA firm that advertises in the 2016 OTLA Oregon Trial Lawyers Association Directory.  Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. provides CPA Services, Business Consulting, Financial Forensic Services, and operations expertise to small businesses, and corporate clients.

Worldview provides expertise in valuation of damages, businesses, portfolios, estates, and complex transactions. Business and transaction valuation requires the most thorough understanding of finance, accounting, and operations to bring the facts to light.  Call Worldview when you need operations, manufacturing, and high technology industry experience.  Our team provides expert advice on the entity, business combination, merger, acquisition, or sale.  Business valuation analysis based on cash flows, intangibles, equity and market multiples, or a combination of factors leads to full understanding and a reliable valuation.  Expert damages evaluation based on differential analysis of relevant factors, along with a thorough understanding of manufacturing operations, cost progression, value add, and change.  Financial forensic services you can count on.

Applied analysis experience in stock and technology portfolio management, business valuation, and all facets of manufacturing and operations. Turn relevant data into reliable decision-making information.  Operations, systems, database, and ERP enterprise resource planning systems experience built from the ground up.  Whatever the issues at hand, whether trade secret, misappropriation, acquisition, sale, licensing, lease, or any type of contract, Worldview provides the expertise to provide and help the team understand the valuation.  Fully understand the before and after.  Provide the skill to differential analysis to understand the change, efficiency improvement, or degradation from the detailed level, for bottom up evaluation.  Ensure that variable cost, yield, and changes and drivers are clearly documented in the financial analysis, and that this culminates in a clear and defensible position.  Perform financial statement analysis top down and bottom up, with the where with all to display factors you cannot afford to miss.

* CPA licensed in Oregon and Washington.  Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. is an Oregon registered CPA firm.

Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. is an Oregon registered CPA accounting firm. William Burwell, MBA, CPA, CFF, CFE is a business consultant and financial forensic accounting services professional with over twenty years of high technology industry experience. Licensed in Oregon and Washington.

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