Supply Chain and the Digital Office

A client pulls out of the dark ages of “purchasing,” and the immediate effort yields yet another long list of cost, accuracy, and strategic improvement ideas.  For a most recent SMB client, well made contracts and automated ordering processes lowered costs and improved accuracy so the team could spend its people resource on more strategic effort.  The benefit was immediate and undeniable.   The fear of “Skynet” was replaced by simple and effective ERP tool use to improve the bottom line.  Business clients that have already made the investment in ERP or MRP systems find there are dozens of small process improvement projects possible to lower costs and improve execution in supply chain.  It is crucial to help a company in heated cost competition to learn what it doesn’t know, to start a process of digital office automation, to refocus precious resources.  In the manufacturing context, direct supplier integration, cross company ERP element use, (old fashioned) automated purchase orders, dynamic safety stocks, electronic workflows, and barcodes and wireless scanning are but a few examples that can make an immediate impact.  Understanding where your company sits in the wide range of supply chain skill and evolution can also help you develop vision on the supply chain front.   Ask where you want to be in five years.

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