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QMS for a Small Business – Quality Management System

Building a QMS (quality management system) from scratch, for a small business, and for the first time can be overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive. It does not have to be. The baby is in the bath water, so don’t throw it out. By starting a QMS you should not overwhelm yourself with “installing” a force fit or canned program, you simply need start the process. True understanding by you, the leadership, and your team of why, what, and exactly how to start is the first thing I seek to accomplish. The concept of control is a key, and so is the concept of continuous improvement. By the simple act of writing out key processes, what you already know, and how you presently perform these processes, you establish a baseline around which two big things happen. First, the act of writing out how you perform a particular process allows you to clearly see the inputs, upon which the outputs truly rely. Second, you introduce yourself to system thinking around the work, elimination of wasteful activity, and elimination of redundancies.
You want a QMS because your firm is growing; customers want to know the processes you follow are controlled, so they get what’s expected, or better than what’s expected, meaning high quality every time. Any well-meaning leader or internal champion can begin a QMS. It’s the start that matters the most.

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