Forensic Accounting Services Portland Oregon offered by Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc.

Forensic Accounting Services Portland, OR offered by Worldview Consulting & Accounting.  Worldview Consulting & Accounting is a CPA firm in Portland, OR as displayed in the Oregon State Bar Marketplace.  First, we provide useful experience and skill handling large amounts of data, use conversion tools where needed, and extract data from systems or disparate sources.  Second, we bring out evidence that the data hold and display that for case strategy.  Third, we bring multiple technical competencies from decades of real-world operations experience.  Accordingly, we provide expert witness testimony backed by passionate effort.  As a result, our firm helps you succeed in litigation and fraud examinations.

Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. is an Oregon registered CPA accounting firm. William Burwell, MBA, CPA, CFF, CFE is a business consultant and financial forensic accounting services professional with over twenty years of high technology industry experience. Licensed in Oregon and Washington.