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Expert fraud examiner (CFE) – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  Forensic Accounting Portland.  Specializing in financial forensics and forensic accounting services – investigative accounting to decipher and uncover transactions and activities adversely affecting an individual, business, or organization.  Delivering clarity and credibility to our clients with the evidence needed to support their case.  The role varies by project, circumstance, and purpose.  We investigate business transactions, economic crimes, civil litigation matters, and perform forensic accounting services.  Also, help with identifying missing assets, fund transfers, under-reporting of income, overstating of expenses, dissipation of assets, and reconstruction of financial statements when large amounts of information are missing.

Attorneys regularly engage us to conduct forensic accounting and fraud investigations. Experience with litigation support and many cases involving contracts, business sales, transfers, and suspected partnership fraud. Everything from data analytics of yield differentials, to tracing banking transactions, reconstructing improper accounting transactions, and reconstructing financial information from systems with deleted or disguised records, to business valuation supporting the sale of a business in receivership.

Provided mass data analytics in a case between two contracting parties involved in the supply of raw materials. Tied two tiers of batch and traceability data together with hard copy documents, absent access to enterprise resource planning systems. Issued declarations clarifying patterns and discrepancies for the client and the court. Calculated differential costs, ongoing errors in production, volume, batch and article identification.

Investigated, extracted, and evaluated accounting transactions for a construction service contractor company. Delineated patterns, value, and evidence to support pre-litigation negotiation between the company and an executive suspected of misappropriation of assets. Provided expert input needed to meet contract requirements.

Performed discounted free cash flow and goodwill valuation of a retail business in Oregon as an expert in support of a Court appointed lawyer and trustee. Updated business valuation at request of the Court and reported impact of changes in business, potential sale, and split of partnership. Tax and valuation impact in accordance with IRC, market research, and potential impact of tenancy at sufferance. Provided corporate tax filings.

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