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See Worldview’s ad in the Sidebar December 2015 (OTLA – Sidebar), a bi-monthly e-newsletter and printed publication.  Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc., an Oregon registered CPA firm offers expert CPA, financial forensics, and Forensic Accounting in Oregon and Washington.  Worldview provides the skill and expertise you need.  Forensic accounting, damages calculation, and forensic auditing.  Earnings capacity analysis, differential analysis, and business valuation.  Expert finance and accounting witness testimony.  Tax advisory and problem resolution.

Business Valuation and Financial Forensics.  Decades of corporate experience from electronics manufacturing, medical device, semiconductor, and many high-tech manufacturing industries.  An operations and business consultant and leader for companies needing to improve their efficiency, including cash flow, accounting, and global supply chains and sourcing.

Please call William Burwell, MBA, CPA, CFF, CFE, Shareholder (503) 804-0426.  CPA licensed in Oregon and Washington.  At Worldview, William Burwell manages the client relationships, consulting services, and deliverables.

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Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. is an Oregon registered CPA accounting firm. William Burwell, MBA, CPA, CFF, CFE is a business consultant and financial forensic accounting services professional with over twenty years of high technology industry experience. Licensed in Oregon and Washington.

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