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Worldview Consulting & Accounting, Inc. provides business valuation and consulting services to help with your business. We recommend clients on strategy, organization, operations, information technology, and selling a business in all geographies or industries. Our key services include Business Valuations, Forensic Accounting, Tax Services

Our practice is devoted to providing clients with vital forensic accounting services, business valuations, litigation support, and tax services. Credentialed expertise and experience to analyze complex financial, tax, and accounting issues that challenge our clients’ cases.

We offer you decades of analytics skill extracting cumbersome data to provide answers and insight. Decades of operations experience with complex systems provides you the right competence for forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and litigation support. Whether mapping bank transactions between dozens of accounts, reconstructing deleted account records, or extracting raw machine data to calculate hidden yield differentials, we have done it.

We are vigorously involved in various aspects of cases – from developing document requests, conducting interviews and site visits, to signing declarations and testifying at arbitration or trial. At Worldview, each engagement means a plan to address specific purpose and analysis to provide the most meaningful and accurate conclusion. Regularly consulted for determining business value in a variety of circumstances, such as shareholder/partner disputes, income tax matters, succession and management planning, and change in corporate form.