Worldview Consulting & Accounting    

Beverly Nathanson, J.D.

Dr. Nathanson is the company’s business leader and assists the consulting team with advice as necessary.  Beverly grew up in Chicago, and has extensive private top-tier education.

Outside of business, she is a professionally trained ice-skater, and has interests in genealogy research and the study of her Viking ancestors’ stories.  She misses her grandmother surgeon and Cubs games with her father from Harvard Law.

William Burwell, MBA, CPA, CFF, CFE

Mr. Burwell is CPA licensed in two states, certified in financial forensics as a CFF, has a MBA, is a business consultant, and a leader for companies needing to improve their efficiencies.  As a passionate professional, he delivers forensic accounting, business consulting, and client services.

Outside of business, Bill enjoys astronomy, reading science, and driving with his wife; he also enjoys traveling the world, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures.  He speaks German with some proficiency, a language he would like to master.